Bill Moore

It all started in 1951 when Bill was thirteen and attended his seventh grade industrial arts class. There he learned to use a hand saw and hand plane, how to dowel two pieces of wood together and how to finish his work with pumice stone and oil. That was his only formal woodworking training. Bill was fortunate at such a young age to begin a love affair with wood.

Bill focuses on creating beauty from an individual piece of wood instead of building something out of it. He finds beauty in a piece of wood with irregular shape or color. He asks himself, “What majesty and magnificence did the Lord put in this piece of His creation that I can bring out?” The real challenge is to find the best piece of wood from which to create. He is always looking for the unused scrap, the misshapen log, the beautiful but split board. 

Many would consider his approach tedious and tiresome, but he enjoys every minute. Bill has spent ten to twenty hours finishing the surface of his tables.  He knows the work is done when his eyes and the fingers on his right hand tell him so.  Bills considers it a joy and feels blessed that he can enjoy wood working so much.

For details on commissioning a work of art, please contact

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