Calligraphy Play Dates

Join us for Calligraphy & Play in 2023!

I will be opening my studio and gallery for us to “play” together with a focus on calligraphy. During these sessions you can work on your own lettering skills, projects, or have fun playing with tools you bring or ones I make available. I will be there as a guide, coach and cheerleader to help everyone who needs it learn and create.

Hours are 10a – 3pm. There is no charge to attend.


February: 16th (Thursday) & 25th (Saturday)

March: 16th (Thursday) & 25th (Saturday)

April: 20th (Thursday) & 29th (Saturday)

May: 18Th (Thursday) & 27th (Saturday)

June: 22nd (Thursday) & 24th (Saturday)

July: 20th (Thursday) & 29th (Saturday)

August: 17th (Thursday) & 26th (Saturday)

September: 14th (Thursday) & 23rd (Saturday)

October: 19th (Thursday) & 28th (Saturday)

November: 16th (Thursday) & 25th (Saturday)

What You will Need to Bring:

Calligraphy tools you want to utilize (pens, ink, erasers, paper, etc.) for you to work on your project. If you have an idea you want help developing, bring that as well. This is your time to focus, have fellowship and fun while sharing the love of calligraphy with others.

Bring a packed lunch or we will order in.

Any questions, just give me a call…

Ann Moore Bailey
Calligrapher & Publisher

I have been creating beautiful letters since 1989 (Well, maybe not ALL those years were my letters beautiful) and now I want to share my passion for words and color.

I understand that as creatives we mostly work alone, so this is a time to be around other people who love lettering. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how much fun, work and creativity can be packed into just a few hours.

Join me for a free-form time slot where you can bring your tools, your ideas and we can all work together – yet independently – to bring words and letters to life.