Bill Moore

Bill was born in a small town in Alabama in the midst of the Great Depression. He went to school in the Midwest and spent twenty-five years in the Chicago area. His first exposure to woodworking was in a seventh grade Industrial Arts class where he made a footstool, a pair of bookends, and a hanging shelf. That was also his last formal training in woodworking until he took a course in wood-turning class in 2009.

Wood has always fascinated Bill and he enjoys visualizing something and then creating it. He loves to work with old wood and create something out of it. The large table you see in his portfolio was made from wood that had been outside for 25 years, and was almost too big to work with. The legs of the table are two large posts which Bill carried around for over 20 years.

If you can describe what you want or show Bill a picture of it, he can build it. Some examples of the work he has created include a cradle for his son Ben when he was born, which his daughter also used; clown beds for his sons when they were small; an armoire for his daughter; a cherry altar table for an Atlanta church; a dry sink used as a changing table for his first grandson, and other various pieces as changing tables for his other grandchildren as they came along; each piece one that they will use some day in their own homes. Family heirlooms, custom furniture and reclaimed creations are all part of Bill’s amazing portfolio.

If you would like to contact Bill about a custom piece of furniture or wood piece, please email him at


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