Kevin Bailey

Kevin Bailey was born in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona and has a twin brother Steven. As a child Kevin’s family traveled extensively with the military. He spent time growing up in Thailand and Alaska where he fondly remembers camping and fishing. During his teenage years Kevin spent time in Virginia and Northern New York where he graduated from Clarkson University.

In 1996 he took classes at the Atlanta College of Art, now the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Under the tutelage of Eula Ginsberg, he was encouraged to hone his artistic eye and creative abilities. In 2002, he moved to Pacific Northwest, where he took up fly-fishing, which rekindled his love of the outdoors. While out on his favorite streams, he began to take photographs, first as something to remember the place, later as an expression of his artistic abilities.

Kevin moved to Jasper, Georgia in 2008 where he built a ‘cabin in the woods’ to continue his enjoyment of nature and the outdoors. Currently his photography includes not only nature scenes, but architectural items and cultural objects. As another dimension of his work, Kevin digitally enhances select photographs in order to create something unique and thought-provoking. His daughter Ashley shares his love of photography, and together they are enjoying adventures in creativity.

Kevin’s most recent ventures have been making handmade books and journals and is also exploring non-toxic etching techniques.

When asked about his work, Kevin described it this way:

“When I take a picture, my only goal is to capture the image that I see; to create something beautiful that I can share with others, so that they will see what I see and find the peace in it that I do. For that one brief moment, we’re all in the same place. It is in the discovery and creating of images that makes it possible for me to convey a deeper connection with the power, poetry and divinity found in nature. At times I change the colors of the image to express a different phrase or feeling, something that is timeless, perhaps off-beat and always unique.”

His work is available in original framed and unframed formats. For details he can be contacted at

He can be contacted also by email at



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